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About us,

Thank you for your interest in our family enterprise. For a long time the classification of enterprises as a family has rather been hidden than actively marketed. Only in recent years family enterprises experience a comeback. From employee perspective, they are generally a flat hierarchy, provide independent and responsible work under a cooperative management style, but above all they are considered safe employers who commit permanently to their employees.

By definition, family enterprises are distinguished primarily by the unity of ownership and management in the hands of a family; this criterion the aquatherm group still meets after the transition from the first to the second generation (pictured above).

Our self-image of a family enterprise, however, clearly exceeds this description. Our claim describes a proactive organization that bases in the responsible contact in everyday life, that challenges encouraging, thereby accompanies developments in a promoting way and sets on a personal influenced by nearby corporate culture. If these business properties meet determined people that daily inspire through initiative, diligence and passion, until we speak of a living family enterprise, until we speak with pride of the aquatherm family.

We look forward to presenting you on the following pages some insight into our colorful, slightly green-tinted aquatherm world.

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