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Vision with a difference

Many say that we at aquatherm are “different” but what does this mean, “to be different”?

Questions about our own identity concern us all: Who are we? What do we live for? What makes us different to others? How does our environment characterise us? With regard to businesses, we talk of a corporate identity in this context. This describes all the clearly defined values and characteristics which distinguish us from others.

When we heard about our excellent position as the number one in the “most innovative companies of Germany’s small and mid-sized enterprises” ranking from the Munich Strategy Group at the end of 2011, we were prompted to consider the aforementioned questions regarding the corporate identity of aquatherm.

We were aware that “innovation” is a constant “companion” and important driver of our successful company development and still is this today, more than ever. But what else do we represent, beyond this? This is an exciting yet also challenging question.

Thinking about our own identity is an eye-opening yet also critical process at the end of which you have the intersection of the image you have of yourself and the way others see you and the task is then to unite this to form a clear core. Strengthened with the recognition of this core, the path to the vision – the guiding star with which we can orientate our actions at all times independently of the effect of time – is not far.

The result is something very special, something great, the result is status quo and permanent vision at the same time: we are “state of the pipe” because we act independently and decisively and are hereby always reliable which makes us a leading manufacturer of polypropylene pipes.

We work for no more and no less – no more or less, we promise you!

It’s that simple!

„aquatherm – values and vision!

To date, we have still distributed more than 2,000 copies of our book “aquatherm – values and vision” at home and abroad. We are excited about the great interest and the positive feedback.

In the present 2nd update edition we invite you to continue joining us on the colored and for us very valuable way to our values and vision; because we are just like this!

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