we are glad that you have decided to visite our website to consciously find out more about our company aquatherm. We can promise you one thing, namely that the insight into our colourful, yet always slightly green tinged, aquatherm world is sure to impress you!

As a family business which is passionate about all it does we, together with our employees, confidently meet all challenges and, in doing so, are able to trustfully call upon values which have defined our company for already more than four successful decades.

We are “state of the pipe” because we act independently and decisively and are hereby always reliable which makes us the leading manufacturer of polypropylene pipes.

We were, are and will remain as this – promise!

But see for yourself and decide upon aquatherm not only in the next few moments but also in the long term.

Best wishes

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Our newsletter keeps you informed about the latest news. Innovations and changes in the product areas as well as awards and projects we have taken for you compactly. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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Planning and fabrication of manifolds and special components made of PP-R / PP-RP

We design and construct your complete manifolds in our company according to your specifications and dispatch them pre-finished to any place of the world.

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aquatherm plans the „FUTURE OF PIPE PRODUCTION“

In order to reliably meet the high expectations of customers and markets even in the future, trend-setting expansion is essential. The industrial area Biggen in which the headquarters is located, has changed a lot since the fi rst time in 1978 and over the years offered more and more place for production and distribution buildings of the pipe manufacturer. However, several years ago it became obvious that the production facilities – in spite of the generous expansions – middle-term will come to theirs limits again. For this reason, the shareholders and management decided early to act and to plan a complete new pipe production in the two years previously acquired premises of the sanitary wholesale Atta. The project “Future pipe production” (ZuRo) was born.


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ZuRo Livecam

Watch live, the current progress of the project ZuRo