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Innovative building technology in historical masonry

TN4/06.05.19 2T is a special place. You can tell that already, if you take a first look at the -approximately 100-year-old building complex on the edge of the 20,000-inhabitant town of Lindlar (Germany). The red brick buildings mixed with half-timbering give an idea that a piece of history is at home here. The -approximately 24,000 square meter complex with its historic walls, however, is equipped inside with the latest building technology.

In addition to facilities for meetings, seminars and celebrations include the buildings that formerly housed a paper mill, now a craft beer brewery, in winter an ice skating rink and a climbing and bouldering hall. The new energy system, which mainly uses sun and air to generate heat and cold, was planned and realized by Metternich Haustechnik GmbH. The centerpiece is an ice energy storage system by Viessmann. 

The supply to the ice energy storage system as well as the piping in the entire technical center was carried out with 200mm aquatherm blue pipe. The physical properties of the pipe made of corrosion--resistant polypropylene are tailored to the specific needs of the heating and cooling sector. It is characterized by its high temperature and pressure -resistance. In addition, the exceptionally good welding properties and the fusion result in a homogeneous and cohesive unit, so that maximum safety and durability is achieved. 

These advantages are also reflected in the skating rink of the 2T: A Tichelmann distributor made of aquatherm blue pipe with a total pipe length of around 70 meters and over 14,000 meters of aquatherm blue pipe coiled pipe ensures smooth operation of the mobile Ice surface is possible.

In addition, a very special heating and cooling technology is used in the climbing and bouldering hall: aquatherm black system. As soon as you enter the hall, you will notice the black grids in the upper area of ​​the hall walls, which - just like the aquatherm blue pipe - are the only ones made of fusiolen® PP-R. Depending on the selected water temperature, it is either heated or cooled via the tube register. A total of 120 aquatherm black system grids with sizes between 3.5 x 0.8 meters and 6 x 1 meters were installed in various ways in the hall: in the cement screed in the floor, just below the wall plaster and as free convection. Fundamental to the decision for a partially open installation directly on the wall was the particular effectiveness of this extraordinary solution: the grids directly heat the room air, without the detour via the room envelope. The energy-saving mode of action of aquatherm black system will be reinforced by this measure.

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