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TN5/28.06.17, Dear aquatherm partner,

We let you in on our plans for the new construction of the extrusion in the TechNews issue no. 9-2014 and since then we have kept you informed about the building progresses in numerous issues.

Thanks to many determined people who committed themselves with great passion for the ZuRo project (future offensive pipe production), independently brought their innovative ideas in, conscientiously planned and always acted decisively and reliably, a trend-setting reality has resulted from the vision. Within the scope of a family party, we inaugurated our new extrusion on Friday, 16th of June, which counts among one of the latest PP pipe productions of the world. All of us can really be proud of that.

With the following press information, photos and a video we would like to let you take part in this special day.

The outstanding services rendered during the construction phase and the extensive infrastructure included in the building is documented by a two-sided flyer at the end of the TechNews.

We would also like to share the technical report of the US portal „Maintenance Technology“ with you, having exclusively written about the new pipe production.


Independent, determined, reliable, leading – that is the way we are and will remain!

aquatherm inaugurates new extrusion plan with a family party

More than € 15 million investment in new production facility/ Approximately 1,200 guests accepted the invitation

Attendorn, 16th June 2017: aquatherm, worldwide leading manufacturer of polypropylene pipe systems for building services and plant engineering, celebrated the inauguration of its new extrusion building with a great family day on 16th June 2017. The company had invited all employees including family of both sites in Attendorn and Radeberg, as well as the employees and families of aquatherm Metallverarbeitung in Ennest to this event.

New extrusion building - important milestone for the future

Maik Rosenberg, one of the three aquatherm managing directors, welcomed approximately 1,200 guests. In his speech, he emphasized that the new extrusion is an important milestone in the 44-year old history of the family company, contributing to the realization of the ambitious future and growth targets. He looked back to the temporal development, ranging from the first idea in autumn 2009, to the groundbreaking in April 2015 to the first meter of pipe in summer 2016 culminating in the complete start of operation in April this year.

„Thanks to many people who committed themselves with passion and reliability for the project, the vision has now come true“, Rosenberg said. He also pointed to the demanding project phases and partly big challenges having been faced with. The managing director complimented the employees who once more lived the family values of „sticking together“ and „jointly assuming responsibility“.

On behalf of the entire management board and the Rosenberg family, he expressed his high gratitude to the employees for their extraordinary work performed in all areas. He also thanked the responsible architects, authorities and more than 50 companies involved for their support.

One of the latest polypropylene pipe extrusions around the world

According to Rosenberg, „With the new building we created one of the latest polypropylene pipe extrusions of the world, setting a new benchmark in the sector.”

As symbol of the inauguration, he handed over the original groundbreaking spade and the first meter of plastic pipe produced in the new building to the two heads of the extrusion, Christian Becker and Marco Lenneper. He wished them and the whole team all the best in the new home – and with a wink – always at least six inches of granulate in the silo.

Klaus Gräbener, general manager of the ICC Siegen, congratulated aquatherm on the remarkable company development, leading from the home garage to the international markets. “At home in the world, rooted in the Sauerland“, Gräbener put in a nutshell. Three factors are necessary for that. First, the entrepreneurial daring. Second, the readiness to always question traditional things over and over again. And third, the trustful cooperation of various generations in the family company. All that is managed by aquatherm very well.

Mayor Christian Pospischil congratulated on the new pipe production on behalf of the Hanse town. He emphasized the commitment to the site of Attendorn connected with the investment, complimenting the company for its sense of responsibility for the region and the people who are living and working here. More than ever companies are required which do not only react to new challenges, but also keep up with the changing dynamic. “The building and today’s inauguration of the new pipe production are a living evidence for the decisiveness of the aquatherm management to react on the economy’s and markets’ requirements”, Pospischil said.

Diversified program for all ages

On a discovery tour, the guests had the possibility to get to know the new building with its modern machinery and sophisticated infrastructure. The visitors could inform themselves at display boards and monitors at the different stations during the tour, leading through all areas from the basement to the upper floor. Who for example had known that a pipeline could be laid around the equator with the 40 million meters of plastic pipes yearly produced at aquatherm?

For all ages, a diversified program with various attractions and show acts provided entertaining hours far into the night. Many people used the opportunity to have a look from the top to the premises and its surrounding area. A crane with attached glass gondola brought the guests to a dizzy height of 45 meters.

New building can accommodate 32 extrusion lines

aquatherm invested more than € 15 million in the production hall and periphery. With a building area of approx. 15,000 sqm, the new construction can accommodate 32 production lines. Currently, 19 extrusion machines are installed and in operation. The fabrication is effected in a three-shift system seven days a week. The diameter of plastic pipes produced ranges from 20 to 630 mm.

The building was designed and erected according to latest energy and environmental standards. An intelligent ventilation system uses the hot water developed during the production process and the waste heat for heating the building.

The new production site features not only sufficient space for raw materials, machines and products, but also offers ideal working conditions. Right from the start the well-being of the employees played an important role in the planning process. One such example is the lighting system. At the end of the late and night shifts the color of the light gets warmer and the intensity lower. This supports the circadian rhythm and favors the transition between being awake and sleeping.

The company’s own piping systems, aquatherm green pipe, blue pipe, red pipe and grey pipe, were applied in the building.

Inauguration of the new US facility in April

For aquatherm, it was already the second inauguration this year. On 4th April the company celebrated the opening of its new 7,600 sqm US-American facility in Lindon, Utah. Besides offices, training rooms and quality- assurance laboratories, the new building accommodates extensive warehouse space and a prefabrication facility for manifolds and special building components.

From the beginnings until today

aquatherm’s history starts on 17th August 1973 when Gerhard Rosenberg founded a company for the production and distribution of floor heating systems in Ennest, a district of Attendorn. Over the past more than 40 years the company has developed into the worldwide leading manufacturer of PP-R pipe systems for domestic plumbing and plant engineering. The products are used for example in potable water applications, heating systems, fire sprinkler systems, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology, as well as in surface heating and cooling systems.

Thanks to a well-developed network of distribution partners, aquatherm products are today available in more than 70 countries around the world. The company employs approximately 600 people in Germany, Italy and the USA. aquatherm manufactures exclusively at the two German sites in Attendorn (headquarters) and in Radeberg. Customers throughout the world can count on innovative and safe PP-R pipe systems of highest quality and hundred percent “Made in Germany”.

Exterior view of the new extrusion building

The new, modern pipe production from inside

The new, modern pipe production from inside

Are pleased about the inauguration (from left to right):
Christian Pospischil, Maik, Dirk and Christof Rosenberg, Marco Lenneper, Klaus Gräbener, Marion Bilsing, Anne Rosenberg, Christian Becker and Gerhard Rosenberg.

The little guests obviously had fun.

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